The Differences Between Luxury and Standard

The Differences Between Luxury and Standard

Adjustable beds themselves are worth the investment, and this is down to the wealth of benefits they have. Sleeping on an adjustable bed helps get a better quality of sleep and can even have a positive impact on your health.

Luxury adjustable beds go a step beyond what you’d expect. With premium designs and additional comfort features, they give a special added touch. In this article, we’ll be looking at luxury adjustable beds and what sets them apart from the rest…

Impressive Features

As well as having basic back/leg adjustment, luxury adjustable beds come with extra features designed for optimum comfort and quality sleep.

Opera Adjustable Bed Hand Control


Providing a weightlessness sensation for dreamy sleep is the zero-gravity position. Inspired by NASA, Zero-Gravity creates a total pressure-free sensation on the body.


Specially designed features like Anti-Snore mode enhance your sleep experience whilst having a positive impact on your health. The position gently elevates the headrest which opens the airways to reduce snoring. This position is safe to sleep in and is perfect for those who share a bed with someone who snores.


Luxury adjustable beds provide added comfort with some offering an in-built massage feature. Choose from different massage modes to relax after a long day. Meanwhile, using the massage feature can improve circulation whilst helping to release any lactic acid from your muscles. In doing so, it relieves any tension and muscular discomfort.

Under Bed Light

Premium adjustable beds have an under-bed light feature which is simple yet effective. Putting on an under-bed light makes it easier to navigate your way out of the room during the night. Also, the soft glow is also less disturbing than switching on the main light in the bedroom.

Wall Hugging

A great feature of the more premium adjustable bed is wall-hugging technology. The primary benefit of wall-hugging is to keep you in the same place as you raise and lower the mattress platform. Traditional adjustable beds on the other hand do not do this. As your body moves forward when you adjust the bed, you slowly creep further away from your bedside table/ items next to your bed.

Premium Adjustable Bed Massage

Premium Designs

The bed is the staple piece of furniture in the bedroom. Luxury adjustable beds provide a variety of premium designs to choose from, and in your choice of colour and fabric.

Meanwhile, with a wider selection of bed styles, you can choose a bed to suit your style and bedroom interior. Our collection of premium adjustable beds showcases three different styles, all available in a choice of fabric and in either single or dual sizes.

Opera Flyte Adjustable Bed

Better Quality

Luxury adjustable beds are made using high-quality materials to ensure they’re built to last. Strong attention to detail is a key part of the luxury bed-making process. Our headboards are handcrafted by our highly skilled upholsterers and thoroughly checked before leaving our factory doors.

Opera Label on Adjustable Bed

Opera Premium Adjustable Beds

As standard, our adjustable beds come with zero-gravity and anti-snore. With upgrade options to choose features you prefer. Shop our adjustable beds here

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