Making Functional Fabulous - Opera partnership with Elaine Hollerhead

Making Functional Fabulous - Opera partnership with Elaine Hollerhead

Elaine Hollerhead, Inclusive Interior Designer and Qualified Occupational Therapist is now in collaboration with Opera.

Currently, Elaine is the only private practitioner in the UK who is qualified in both Occupational Therapy (OT) and Interior Design that focuses on aesthetically pleasing spaces based on OT knowledge and principles.

The exciting new partnership with Elaine will support our mission to enhance lives and deliver comfort. Elaine’s passion for ‘making functional fabulous’ is by creating spaces that are forward-thinking and inclusive to those with specialist needs.

The Collaboration

Elaine uses her OT skills to design amazing and inclusive spaces for her clients. The new collaboration will help to demonstrate how Opera can meet specialist health needs which benefit both customers and carers.

At Opera Beds, we work with industry experts to ensure our products are the very best they can be. Elaine’s knowledge and real-life practices will support our journey to making life easier for customers, family members and care providers.
By working closely with Elaine, our customers can be assured our products meet the high standards of an independent health professional. Elaine will support our new product developments and share her insights across occupational therapy and interior design.

About Elaine

Elaine spent 26 years working in the NHS and 14 years in Social Services. This included a range of senior Clinician and managerial roles. In 2011, Elaine left the NHS and ventured into Private Practice, establishing her own Company – DESIGNATE Housing Adaptations Interior Design & Colour Consultancy. 

A woman with short brown hair wearing a blue patterned dress sat at the end of a bed smiling

Elaine provides a UK-wide health-focused Inclusive Interior Design Service for people of all ages, who are currently well or are living with minor or major health conditions or injuries. Meanwhile, Elaine has helped previous clients with life-changing injuries such as spinal conditions and amputations.

Elaine’s Work

As an inclusive Interior Designer and OT, Elaine’s expertise is décor, room layouts and space planning. From the initial concept and visualisation to installation and completion, Elaine works with her clients to create environments that are non-clinical and beautiful and stimulating instead.

With every client being bespoke, Elaine continuously designs unique spaces whilst ensuring they are suitable and cater to her client’s specific needs.

A CAD drawing of a bedroom with a ceiling hoist above the bed

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