Making hospitals a better place – Opera supports WISHH

Making hospitals a better place – Opera supports WISHH

WISHH (Working Independently to Support Hull Hospitals) are a local charity that do a fantastic job in raising money to help make hospitals a better place. The objective of WISHH is to raise funds for services, equipment and facilities across Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. With over 9,000 staff between them, the hospitals accommodate over one million patients a year, along with welcoming their families, friends, and visitors.

WISHH Charity

The independent charity work in partnership with the hospitals, and support patients to have the best experience and treatments possible, as well enhance their comfort and wellbeing of and patient families, giving them as much attention as their medical requirements. This is by investing in new technology and facilities across various departments such as: emergency care, oncology, paediatrics, haematology, cardiothoracic and many more.

Since its launch WISHH have produced remarkable work within the hospitals such as Children’s VR Hospital Tours to prepare children on their upcoming hospital visit, to a reminiscence cinema for patients.

WISHH Charity Children's VR Hospital Tours

There are many ways to support WISHH from regular donations to sponsorships, for more information on ways to give visit the WISHH website

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