Opera Beds on Screen: Our Autumn/Winter TV Advert

Opera Beds on Screen: Our Autumn/Winter TV Advert

Earlier this year we set ourselves the task of spreading the word on just how much an Opera Bed can improve your quality of sleep and make life easier.

Our mission is ensuring our products enhance lives, promote health, and deliver comfort. But how do we get that in 90 seconds?

It was important the team established the aim of the ad, which was to capture how an Opera Bed has made a positive impact on our customers lives, whether that be encouraging independence, providing comfort for a loved one, or giving a helping hand to carers. Our in-house communications team developed the concept and messaging for the ad alongside Smart Response Agency.

A key part of the planning process was to highlight our highly skilled upholstered and bed makers in our factories. Premium quality is our our passion, so it was only fitting to include a snapshot of the hard work and precision that goes in to an Opera bed. 

Catch our TV ad on ITV 3, Yesterday, Talking Pictures and Spotlight up until early December this year or watch it now below...

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