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Opera launches new team handbook

Our people are at the heart of what we do and without a dedicated team we would not be able to enhance the lives of others. We’re big believers of celebrating our successes here at Opera so last week we held our own internal event for the whole team at Opera HQ.

The focus for the event was the launch of our new employee handbook. This contains all the key information our team need to know about working at Opera. It also gave us the opportunity to revisit our values which reflect how we work as a team…

Caring: We make sure we always consider the needs of others and make our our co-workers and customers feel comfortable and supported when they speak to us

Supportive: We always listen carefully and help our customers and colleagues, we ensure we encourage others and show our appreciation

Passionate: We are a committed team and go the extra mile to deliver great outcomes. We are proactive and ensure we look for a solution when any issues arise.

Professional: We are always aiming high in whatever we do, and have efficient ways of working. We ensure we spend time well to deliver results at a high quality.


After an inspiring team meeting it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy some food in the sunshine with an outdoor BBQ. This was shortly followed by an activity that put team work to the test. The goal was to pass the golf ball round each team member using only a cardboard beam, without touching the person’s next to you– easier said than done!

The team smashed the challenge and got the ball to the end of the course in 50 seconds! Pretty impressive if we say so ourselves!

Overall, the handbook launch was a fantastic event and thoroughly enjoyed by the team, here's to the next one!

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