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Buying Guide: Opera® Smart Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are electrically controlled beds that are designed to provide orthopaedic and mobility health benefits by enabling the user to reposition themselves through an adjustable backrest and legrest. They are constructed in the same way as a divan bed and have an upholstered base, optional headboard and castors for manoeuvrability.

Unlike medical profiling beds, adjustable beds aren't height adjustable and don't feature side rails to prevent falls from bed. Designed with utmost comfort in mind, the slats on an adjustable bed are made from a supply wood which respond to the user's weight and movement.

In this guide, we look at the Opera range of electric adjustable beds and make you aware of the key considerations to bear in mind when specifying and purchasing a bed for yourself or a loved one.

Adjustable bed functions

Mattress platform


The backrest is the upper section of the mattress platform at the headboard end of the bed. It is made up of two sections: a small upper section that tilts the user's head forward; and a larger back section that sits the user up in bed. The backrest is electrically raised and lowered and is used to sit up in bed for daytime activities such as reading, and is also used to reach a more comfortable sleeping position (sleeping with the backrest slightly raised has proven health benefits).


The legrest is the lower section of the mattress platform and is also made up of two sections: a thigh section; and a lower-leg/feet section. The legrest is electrically raised through a handset control and elevates the feet above the rest of the body. When fully raised, the thigh section is angled upwards whilst the lower-leg section if horizontal. This position provides excellent circulation control.

Electric Bed Backrest
Electric bed backrest
Electric Bed Legrest
Electric bed legrest

Comfort functions

Tension adjustment

The adjustable mattress platform has five sections: a two-section backrest; a two-section legrest; and a static centre section. This centre section is directly beneath the user's lower back and is their seat when the backrest is raised. The section has adjustable tension sliders that enable the user to adjust the firmness of the slats to optimise support.

Memory function

Some of the adjustable beds in the Opera® range have an intelligent memory function that enables users to program their favourite platform positions. This is an excellent feature if you want to maintain consistent, comfortable sleeping and relaxation positions.


There is a small section at the head end of the mattress platform that litfs the head and neck forwards. This position helps to ease pressure in your throat and stops your tongue from falling back in your mouth. Sleeping with the head slightly elevated also reduces the pull of gravity on the neck which helps to prevent snoring.

Memory Function
The wooden slats which can be adjusted with tension sliders
Memory Function
The memory function is operated through the handset

Key Purchasing Considerations

Every Opera bed is designed to provide ultimate levels of comfort and support to enhance your life, but there are a number of decisions to make that will help you decide on the best bed for your needs. Here are the main options that are available to you:

Base model

All models in the Opera range have an electric five-section mattress platform and upholstered surround, and can be personalised with a choice of headboard and your chosen fabric.

The two main differences are in the type of base, whether you prefer a deep base that can accommodate under-bed drawers or a shallow base that stands on solid wooden feet.

Adjustable Bed with Shallow Base

Mensa Shallow Base

  • Choose from 2ft6, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft widths
  • Personalise with headboards and fabrics
  • 3 house fabric colour options
  • Stylish raised designed on solid wooden feet
Deep Base Adjustable Bed

Columba Deep Base

  • Choose from 2ft6, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft widths
  • Personalise with headboards and fabrics
  • A grand, deep base with optional drawers
  • 3 house fabric colour options


Single Adjustable Bed

Single (2ft6, 3ft & 4ft)

All Opera adjustable beds are available in three single sizes to accommodate any size of bedroom. You can choose from 2ft6 (small single), 3ft (standard single) or 4ft (wide single).

View single beds

Dual Adjustable Bed 2 People

Dual/Double (5ft & 6ft)

The beds are also all available in a double width and can be specified as 5ft (king size) or 6ft (super-king size). The double beds are dual action meaning each side of the mattress platform can be adjusted independently of the other side.

View double beds


Standard mattresses aren't suitable for use on an adjustable bed due to the profiling function that the bed provides. Specially designed adjustable mattresses are constructed to allow profiling whilst ensuring the highest level of comfort and support. Mattress option include:

  • Pocket sprung: Combination of responsive springs and hypoallergenic fillings
  • Reflex foam: Single layer of supportive reflex foam
  • Memory foam: Layered foam with firm reflex base and visco/memory topper
  • Gel foam: Extra-deep gel-infused foam with cooling properties
Adjustable mattress
There is a range of adjustable mattresses


Each Opera adjustable bed has a choice of compatible headboards which are specially designed and crafted to fit with base and have unique dimensions, strut lengths and depths. All headboards in the Opera range have an upholstered mattress backboard that neatly conceals the Birch struts when the backrest of the bed is raised. You can view the Emerald, Pearl and Opal headboards on each individual bed. 


All adjustable electric beds are upholstered in a soft-touch woven fabric. The fabric is premium-grade and is constructed and treated to meet stringent durability and fire regulations that ensure the beds can be used in domestic homes, care units and retirement complexes. There are three fabric choices available from stock, and over 200+ which can be requested. 

Upholstery Colours
Upholstery fabric samples

What next?

For a free needs consultation over the phone, call 0333 222 8584 and our product advice team will be more than happy to help.

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