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A common concern when looking at buying an adjustable bed is if you have enough room for it. Will an adjustable bed fit in a smaller bedroom? How much room do I need? The truth is that adjustable beds aren't that different to a standard bed size. Here we address the concerns associated with purchasing an adjustable bed for a small room and discuss the key things to consider before you buy.

How big is a standard small bedroom?

In the UK, a small bedroom for one adult should be a minimum of 7ft x 10ft (70 square metres), which can comfortably accommodate a standard single bed measuring 900x1900mm. However, the minimum amount of room required to fit a bed is different to a comfortable amount of room. When purchasing an adjustable bed, comfort, purpose and functionality need to be considered. There are different collections of electric beds to suit different users, ranging from luxury comfort adjustable smart beds to profiling beds adapted for nursing care.

What sizes are available for adjustable beds?

Adjustable smart beds provide users with the perfect blend of comfort and technology. With an Opera bed you can enjoy functions such as Zero Gravity, Anti-snore, Alexa pairing and under-bed lighting. With an adjustable bed you can use the remote control to find the perfect position for sleeping or for sitting up in bed. Most adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes, similar to standard beds. Opera have a range of Adjustable Beds in different width sizes to suit the size of your room at home.


Why don't Opera sell a standard double bed size?

Opera provides single and small double sizes for adjustable beds, which have one platform and are designed to accommodate one user comfortably. The next size options then become dual platform, which means each user can control their side of the bed independently. If a dual platform was made in the standard double (4ft 6in) size, each platform would be much too narrow and uncomfortable to use. Therefore, Opera’s next size up is a comfortable King Dual, allowing more room for each platform. Technically a standard double could be made with just one platform and some companies do offer this, however at Opera we feel functionality is paramount for your sleep experience. If you share your bed with a loved one, a single platform adjustable bed in a standard double size would mean both of you sharing the controls and compromising on a sleeping position. When choosing a dual platform bed, each person can decide how they want to sleep while remaining together, so no compromises!

Bigger adjustable beds for single use

The small double (4ft) option offers a very comfortable amount of room for a single user while keeping a single platform instead of a split mattress, which is perfect for someone sleeping alone who wants some extra space. For those that would like an even bigger option as a single user, although the platform would then become a dual, if you wanted to you can sync the controls on any of the Opera dual beds by purchasing a lead that plugs into each control box. That way each side will move together as one.

Are they too big for a small bedroom?

A good quality adjustable bed should not be unnecessarily bulky but instead be as streamline as possible, not unlike the size of a regular bed. Opera’s adjustable beds, in the single 3ft size, are made the same width as a standard single bed but are a little longer. So, if you are thinking of purchasing for a smaller room, the only size consideration you really need to think about is allowing for a little extra length of around 10-12cm. Although furniture and walk around room should be taken into consideration for your comfort, Opera’s Adjustable Beds will fit in a standard 7ftx10ft room.

Take a look at Opera’s Adjustable Comfort Bed Range

Do you have to leave a big gap between the bed and the wall?

No, adjustable beds should move within their base, so you do not need to have the bed far off the wall, the same small gap you leave for a normal bed will be enough to avoid rubbing. With an Opera® MotionLuxe™ Adjustable Smart Base, not only does the bed move within it's frame, but the GlideBack™ Wall Hugging Technology means you can reach things like side tables more comfortably.


You will need to position your bed near a power socket, so be sure to find out how long the power cord is. Opera's adjustable beds come with a generous 2 metre power cord that can also take a back-up battery, should there be a power cut. If the cord is still too short, Opera's beds work on a low voltage, so they use little energy and can be used with an extension cord.

Space saving tips

Now you know that you can fit an adjustable bed in a small room, there are some ways you can save even more space to accommodate your new bed more comfortably. Opera offers adjustable beds as a base-only option. This means you can save a little room by not having the base surround and head/foot board. The Opera® Motion™ base is raised off the floor, with all the motors tucked away under the bed. Another benefit of the base-only option is that they work well with wall-mounted headboards, so if you are wanting to save room but want to keep things stylish, this could be a good option for you.


What about profiling care beds?

In comparison to the adjustable beds, profiling care beds are more suited to those needing nursing care on the bed or need extra assistance getting in or out, with the fully adjustable height. One of the main considerations for purchasing a profiling bed for a small room would be the walk around room. Technically the bed will function with a small amount of walk around room. However if the bed is going to be used by a wheelchair user, for example, extra walk around room will be needed for comfort and accessibility. Not only can you use a care bed in a smaller room, but a profiling bed could be installed upstairs for you, take a look at this helpful guide.

Take a look at Opera’s Profiling Care Bed Range

Most single rooms in the UK are big enough to accommodate an adjustable bed with enough walk around room to be comfortable. However if there are any uncertainties about the size of your room or any other questions, our team would be delighted to discuss with you on 0333 222 8584

Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

Contact us, or speak to our experts advisors on 0333 222 8584

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