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How Opera Can Help When Being Discharged from Hospital

Before you or a loved one can be discharged from hospital, more than often you will be given a care plan by the care team in preparation for coming home. Depending on the level of care needed at home, you may be asked to have a hospital bed installed before you or a loved one can be discharged. 

Preparing to be discharged can be stressful and daunting, especially if you need to purchase care equipment like a hospital bed. This article explains how Opera Beds can support you or a loved one when being discharged from hospital.

At Opera Beds, we have over 20 years of experience providing hospital beds for people in their own home. If you’re unsure where to start and prefer to be guided through the process, get in touch with our team today.

How Hospital Beds Support On-Going Care

Hospital beds are designed to facilitate care needs for the user whilst also being beneficial for care teams too. Unlike a regular bed, hospital beds have specially designed features, offering enhanced comfort and support.

If you are requiring your own hospital bed for home, it’s important to understand the different features of a hospital bed so you can make the best decision for you, or your loved one.

Hospital Beds with Height Adjustment

Hospital beds can raise and lower in height, which is also commonly referred to as being height adjustable. As the bed’s height can be adjusted, this allows the user to find the perfect height for accessing the bed. Raising the bed up to waist level makes it easier to deliver on the bed care and means less bending for the care giver.

All Opera hospital beds have height adjustment to facilitate care and make life easier. However, the height adjustment on a hospital bed differs, so it’s key to know what works best for you or your loved one.

All-in-one height range: This is where the hospital bed raises up to waist level nursing of 73.5cm but can also lower down close to ground level.

A head on view of the Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed in it's highest position with the backrest raised up

See our hospital beds with all-in-one height range here.

Ultra-low/floor height hospital beds: This is where the bed can lower right down to floor level, designed for those at risk of bed falls or may have a vulnerable condition like Dementia.

See our hospital beds with ultra-safe floor height here.

Not sure which hospital bed you need at home? Contact our friendly team today for a free needs-based consultation.

Hospital Beds Provide Proper Support

The ability to change movement in a hospital bed often mean they are ‘prescribed’ as part of a discharge care plan for future care needs at home.

For instance, if you or a loved one have circulation problems, elevating the legs and feet encourages better blood flow and alleviate pressure. Furthermore, simply raising the backrest in a hospital bed encourages better posture and is much more practical than using pillows.

Learn more about the features and benefits of a hospital bed in our helpful article.

How Opera Supports Hospital Discharges

If you, or a loved one are currently in hospital and will soon be discharged, we help make the process as simple as possible. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience finding the right hospital bed to continue care and comfort at home.

Expert Consultation

Knowing which hospital bed is best for you or a loved one can be a daunting and challenging task. At Opera Beds, we aim to support you through the process, starting with an expert consultation. Choose either a phone, video or home visit with a dedicated Opera expert where they’ll ask a series of questions around your care needs and requirements.

A woman with brown hair sat upright in a Opera profiling care bed holding a selfie stick with a phone and holding up the beds wired handset

At Opera, we always advise you in considering future care needs when choosing a hospital bed. For example, you, or a loved one may not require bed rails to begin with but may have a medical condition or limited mobility that could cause them to require them in the future. Hospital beds such as our Signature Comfort is a good option for this, as side rails can be added later down the line.

When you’re ready, your advisor will send you all the information you need, and their recommendations based on your preferences. If you prefer to see options yourself, we display all our products and pricing online and in our brochure.

Homely Styled Hospital Beds 

Unlike the clinical style hospital beds on a ward, at Opera Beds our range of hospital beds include homely-styled designs which perfectly balance design and functionality.

Choosing a hospital bed that’s discreetly styled and blends into your home can positively impact comfort and well-being. With headboard options, fabrics and bed sizes, at Opera our hospital beds are designed around you.

We’re proud to have helped thousands of customers looking for a hospital bed for home, including recent Influencer Amy Pohl. Amy recently purchased her ‘dream bed’ after spending years in hospitals following a medical accident which left her with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Browse our homely-styled hospital beds where you can customise each bed with sizing, finish and accessory options.

Hospital Beds with Next-Day Delivery

Hospital discharges are often time sensitive with many people looking for a quicker discharge where possible. We provide next-day delivery across a wide selection of hospital beds to support a quicker hospital discharge.

Our online postcode checker lets you see your quickest delivery options, or get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

Home Installation by Opera Engineers

Thanks to our network of highly skilled engineers, we operate a UK-wide home installation service where we can take care of everything. From installation to a handover demonstration, our engineers ensure you, or loved one are confident in using the hospital bed.

Furthermore, our team can install your hospital bed in the room of your choice so there’s no need to worry about any heavy lifting. If you need us to, our team can also remove your old bed before installing your new one.

Two Opera installers wearing Opera jackets and finishing installing a Opera profiling bed

Peace of Mind for Your Hospital Bed

At Opera, we recognise that a hospital bed is an investment. Every Opera bed is made using only high-quality materials and goes through stringent testing, so you can rest easy knowing your comfort will last.  

When purchasing an Opera hospital bed for home you’ll receive a generous warranty for added peace-of-mind. As standard, our hospital beds have a 3–5-year warranty, with optional extended warranty upgrades. Furthermore, our dedicated Opera product support team are on hand to help in the future should you need it.

See what our customers say and why we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with over 1,000 reviews.

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