Lisa Davis brings a wealth of experience and customer dedication to her role at Opera Beds. After 7 months in her position at the company, she’s more than proven her capabilities as a customer experience champion, being an ever-reliable initial point of contact for customers, and answering any problems you face with solutions of her own. 

Pivotal in providing expert advice and conducting thorough consultations to offer tailored bed recommendations to each customer, she excels at understanding the unique requirements and circumstances of every case she handles - ensuring they receive the best possible bed solutions.

Lisa's journey in the field of sales and customer care spans an impressive 27 years, so rest assured there's a wealth of experience in handling all manner of challenging scenarios. 

Her extensive background has honed her ability to engage with customers, listen to their needs, and provide solutions that enhance their quality of life. This wealth of experience makes her a seasoned professional, well-equipped to deliver an unparalleled experience and the right product every time.

As a highly skilled and knowledgeable sales professional, Lisa is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service and providing comprehensive aftercare. Her commitment to guiding customers through the entire process of selecting a bed that meets their specific needs is a testament to her professionalism and expertise. She takes pride in ensuring that customers receive not just beds but solutions that contribute to their well-being in meaningful, long-lasting ways.

Lisa's approach is tailored to each unique individual, actively listening to customer requirements and circumstances to ensure that she matches the correct product for each client. Her empathetic and customer-centric mindset has allowed her to build strong and lasting relationships. 

Her 27 years of experience are a testament to her passion for providing customers with the utmost care and attention, making her a valuable asset to the Opera Beds team.


  • 27 years of experience in providing customers with the utmost care and attention
  • Customer experience champion, answering customer problems with tailored solutions
  • Takes pride in providing customers with solutions that contribute to their well-being in meaningful ways

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