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Single vs Dual Motor Recliner Chairs - What's the Difference?

Single and Dual Motor recliner chairs can support you or your loved one if you struggle to stand or sit on a normal sofa or armchair.

As experts in the furniture and care industry, at Opera Beds we're here with this useful guide to help you learn more about these single-motor and dual-motor riser recliner chairs, how each type of recliner chair differs and to get you to understand your needs when deciding on a dual or single motor recliner

In this blog, you'll learn the differences between single and dual-motor riser recliner chairs and how each type can benefit you.

Single vs Dual Motor Recliners - Pros and Cons

Whether you opt for a dual or a single motor from our riser recliner chair collection, the main features and benefits are much the same. A riser recliner can alleviate a person’s physical ailments by putting less pressure on the joints and can also put others’ minds at ease, knowing that their loved one is not straining themselves to get about the house. 

A riser recliner chair isn't only for medical or mobility reasons either - they can be an excellent choice for those who'd love to add more comfort and indulgence to a film or game night at home, acting as a very comfortable and supportive seat that supports your spine. But let's have a closer look at the differences between single and dual-motor recliner chairs

Pros of Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

As their name suggests, a single-motor riser recliner chair is where the whole chair adjusts as one. These chairs power the back and footrest at the same time. The single motor controls all of the chair's functions such as the seating position, rise and tilt function, semi-reclined position and the full reclined position. Because of this, single-motor chairs are typically cheaper, which may be more suitable for budget-friendly buyers, without compromising on quality.
A cream leather riser recliner chair with the backrest reclined and the legrest raised

Cons of Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

Single motor riser chairs have less adjustability than dual motor recliners, therefore a more limited range of positions where the reclining aspect of the chair is concerned. For people with mobility issues or specific joint problems, this lack of additional adjustability could mean they aren't as supported as they could have been with more points of adjustment.

Meanwhile, because the backrest and footrest cannot be moved independently, it could be an issue and cause discomfort for those who need specific relief of areas of the body.

Pros of Dual Motor Recliner Chairs

The dual motor riser recliner chair has the option to fully recline or rise safely to standing, plus a number of positions in between. This means it can accommodate the user with a greater degree of flexibility for a more tailored sitting experience.

The back and footrests are operated independently by separate motors so they’re fully adjustable. This means the legs can be elevated to help with sleep and reduce swelling, while the back is supported or the legs can be lowered while the back is reclined. If the user is elderly but confident in its use, a riser recliner chair can provide greater independence to the elderly.

The greater variety of positions can provide a higher level of comfort and can also help to alleviate pressure, assist with circulation or other care needs for certain health conditions.
A woman with brown hair using a riser recliner in the lift and tilt position holding the hand control and is almost standing up from the chair

Cons of Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

Dual motor riser recliner chairs are often more expensive due to the additional technology and functionality to provide more points of movement and two motors.

Some users may struggle with having more buttons on the remote control, and it can sometimes take longer to get used to how to operate them. It could be frustrating or confusing for those who have conditions that limit their motor functions.

We understand how the right chair can enhance comfort and well-being. So if you decide that a single or a dual motor riser recliner chair is what you're looking for, we offer a free needs-based consultation

Don't be overwhelmed by the differences - feel free to arrange an in-person appointment with us today and get to know your riser recliner chair a little better with help from our trusted experts.

Matching Our Riser Recliner Chair Features to Your Needs

When selecting a recliner, decide if you want a recliner for relaxation and leisure. Do you need a high level of precision when adjusting the chair to your comfort? 

Is health and mobility a key concern when choosing recliner features or is this a luxury purchase? 

Think about the aesthetics and if a recliner that complements your décor is important to you. 

Perhaps most importantly, do you have the available space for the recliner?

A older woman and gentleman sat in a living room in a riser recliner chair, the lads is sat reclined with her legs up and the gentleman is sat up reading a newspaper

Why Consider a Single and Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair from Opera Beds?

At Opera Beds, as experts in the furniture and care industry, we’re here to help facilitate the delivery of care to those with ongoing care requirements - your and your family's peace and comfort is our number one priority. 

Our riser recliners not only offer easy-to-use functions for manoeuvring headrests and footrests, but they also come in a wide range of sizes and fabrics to ensure that they fit in with your existing living space, offering total style and comfort as well as safety and peace of mind. 

Whether your single or dual riser recliner chair is essential to alleviate symptoms from a medical condition, or a luxury to add comfort and style to your living room, at Opera Beds our industry specialists are here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today: give us a call on 0333 222 8584 or schedule a call for a free consultation.

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