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The Importance of Profiling Beds For Nursing Homes and Care Givers

Profiling care beds are an essential aid within nursing homes for both residents and caregivers. They provide a range of benefits through their advanced features which can improve the quality of life for the user and make the job of caregiving easier.

Profiling beds have an adjustable mattress platform which allows patients to be positioned in a way that is comfortable and safe for them. By adjusting a person’s position easily, profiling beds are an effective way to help prevent pressure sores and keep users properly supported.

Additionally, profiling beds can make it easier for caregivers to provide care, as they can adjust the bed to a height that is comfortable for them and position the patient in a way that makes it easier to perform tasks such as changing bedding or administering medication.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of profiling beds for nursing homes and how they are essential tools for patients and care providers. At Opera Beds, we’re proud to support carers by helping them to deliver exceptional care. Whether you care for someone at home, or have a loved one going into a care home, investing in a profiling bed can make life easier for you both.

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How Profiling Beds Enhance Quality of Life for People in a Care Home

Profiling beds have become an essential piece of equipment in nursing homes and care facilities. They are designed to provide comfort, safety, and support to people who are unable to move or reposition themselves.

They Provide Personalised Comfort

Profiling beds are particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time in bed, such as those with mobility issues, chronic illnesses, or disabilities. One of the most significant benefits of profiling beds is that they enhance the quality of life for people in a care home.

One of the features of a profiling bed is the elevating backrest. This allows users to sit upright in bed without the need for assistance. It also provides a comfortable position for reading, watching TV or eating.

A woman with blonde hair sat upright in a profiling bed with the back rest raised up and she is reading a book

Meanwhile, profiling beds also have an electric footrest which can be raised and lowered to suit the individual’s needs. For people with poor circulation, sleeping in a profiling bed with their legs raised encourages better blood flow and eases tension in the legs and feet.

Profiling Beds Make It Easier to Get in and Out of Bed

Unlike standard beds, a profiling bed can be set to the desired height for the user.  For people in a care home, using the height adjustment can make it easier for them to get in and out without relying on a carer to help them.

Furthermore, older people within care homes are three times more likely to have a fall than older people within the community. Profiling beds are designed to help prevent falls and reduce injury for vulnerable people.  

By lowering the bed down, users can swing their legs into the bed more easily. If they are transferring to a walker or a wheelchair, profiling beds can be set to the same height. Low profiling beds are often used within care homes which provide a safe sleeping height for people at risk of falling out of the bed.

Those with progressive health conditions such as Dementia may be in a care home and use a low profiling bed to help keep them safe. Low profiling beds are closer to the ground to help reduce the impact/injury from bed falls.

At Opera Beds, we have a wide selection of low-profiling beds which can be lowered to an ultra-low sleeping height.  Browse our range of beds here or why not see them for yourself and arrange a showroom visit with a bed expert.

They Can Help Prevent Pressure Sores

Within nursing homes, many residents are unable to reposition or move themselves. This places them at greater risk of developing pressure sores (also known as bed sores).

A significant benefit of profiling beds is that they can help prevent pressure ulcers and other skin conditions. People who are bedridden or have limited mobility are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, which can be painful and difficult to treat.

Profiling beds are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. By adjusting the mattress platform, caregivers can position the patient in a way that reduces pressure on vulnerable areas such as the heels, hips, and shoulders. This can help to enhance the quality of life for people in a care home by reducing the risk of painful and debilitating pressure ulcers. Nursing homes use a pressure care mattress with a profiling bed to deliver effective pressure relief across different levels of needs for their residents. 

Can Be Customised and Homely

Profiling beds that are customisable and designed to look homely can enhance the quality of life for people in a nursing home in several ways. Firstly, customisable profiling beds can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the individual, providing them with personalised comfort and support. This can help to alleviate discomfort and pain, and improve overall well-being.

Homely profiling beds can help to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for people in a nursing home. This can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and promote a sense of belonging and community.

At Opera Beds, we understand the importance of discreet, stylish profiling beds for people with care needs. That’s why every Opera profiling bed is customisable to suit any bedroom interior. Our Signature Comfort Bed is the perfect balance of style and nursing functionality and is a favourite within nursing homes. Users can choose their headboard style, upholstery and bed size to suit their needs and budget.

In addition to enhancing the quality of life for people in a care home, profiling beds also makes life easier for caregivers. Profiling care beds are easy to use and manoeuvre, which helps carers with repositioning and transferring patients.

A walnut wooden profiling bed with dark grey upholstered headboard in a bedroom with cream coloured bedding and cushions on the bed

How Profiling Beds Support Carers

As mentioned earlier, profiling beds are easily adjusted to provide a more comfortable and supported position for the user. However, they can also help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery within nursing homes.

Profiling Beds Help Reduce Injury for Carers

Many carers experience back pain or sprains due to bending and lifting repetitively throughout the day which places strain on their back. Profiling beds can help reduce back strain by providing a safe working height for the carer when delivering on-the-bed care. The bed height can also be adjusted to make it easier for caregivers to assist with personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and toileting.

As profiling beds are height adjustable, carers can set the bed height to their waist level. This helps prevent overbending and back strain when tending to their patients. The height adjustment feature is also beneficial for carers if they need to transfer their patients from the bed. For example, when using a ceiling hoist, the bed can be raised the make it easier and more comfortable for the patient.

A Profiling Bed Can Encourage Patients to be More Proactive When Receiving Care

Profiling beds are helpful for carers in a nursing home as they can encourage patients to be more proactive towards their care. With adjustable mattress platforms and other advanced features, profiling beds provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients, which can help prevent pressure sores and other health issues.

By positioning patients in a way that is comfortable and supported, profiling care beds makes it easier for carers to provide care and carry out tasks such as changing bedding or administering medication. This helps to deliver efficient care which can encourage patients to respond better to their care.

They Can Give Carers Peace of Mind for Residents in a Nursing Home

Within any nursing home, safety is the priority for anyone who is receiving care. Profiling beds enhance safety for users and give peace of mind to care staff. Many profiling beds can come with side rails which are designed to keep users safe from bed falls. Our Classic Profiling Bed has wooden side rails which are operated from outside of the bed for added safety. There are different styles of side rails and are particularly useful for people with mobility issues, poor balance or cognitive health conditions. At Opera Beds, we have a selection of profiling beds with side rails, all designed to enhance user comfort and safety.

Furthermore, some profiling beds have a locking feature on the handset that can disable certain features for vulnerable patients. For example, the bed can be locked in a certain position to prevent the patient from adjusting it themselves, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort.

Overall, profiling beds are an essential piece of equipment for nursing homes and care facilities. They provide comfort, safety, and support to people who are unable to move or reposition themselves, and they enhance the quality of life for both patients and caregivers.

A woman with brown hair stood by the side of a wooden profiling bed with her hands on the side rails and smiling at the elderly woman sat in the bed

Why Nursing Homes Choose Opera as Their Profiling Bed Provider

Established in 2004, Opera Beds are the trusted profiling bed expert for care homes across the UK. Opera works with some of the leading care establishments, helping them to deliver exceptional care by:

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  • Innovative equipment design
  • Healthcare professional-endorsed products

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