Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress

The Opera® Impulse Powered Hybrid Profiling Mattress combines static and active mattress technologies to provide advanced pressure relief and the highest levels of user comfort.


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  • Type: Mattress Only
  • Width: 90cm / 3ft

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Expert Clinical Review

Effective Pressure Care

Watch a clinical review of the Impulse by a leading Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant

Pressure Risk Category: Very High

The Opera® Impulse Hybrid mattress is suitable for users who are at a very high risk of developing a pressure sore. The mattress uses a combination of static and active technologies in order to stimulate advanced pressure relief to those with a severe likelihood of developing pressure sores.

Three-Zone Pressure Relieving Surface

The layered foam and air cell composition of the Impulse ensures optimum comfort and pressure relief. A three-zone lying surface includes a broad-castellation head zone for comfort and a gel-infused heel zone for pressure reducing envelopment on this vulnerable area of skin.

Firmness: Adjustable

The Impulse Hybrid Mattress is able to vary in firmness as it can be used with or without the pump. The mattress on its own and without the pump is a medium firmness and provides a supporting surface for high risk users. If a firmer surface is required for the mattress, the airflow can be adjusted by using the pump.

Advanced Air Pressure Pump System

The pump incorporates auto-weighing technology that responds to user body weight to effectively apply the optimum level of airflow through the mattress air cells. There is also an adjustable comfort setting that allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress for highest levels of comfort.

Alternating Therapy Air Cells

A row of alternating therapy air cells are contained within the mattress. This lateral row of air cells constantly alternate, whilst some cells are inflated the others are deflated. Air flow is controlled through a pump unit with auto-weighing technology and comfort adjustment.

Step Up/Step Down Functionality

The step up/step down ability of the Opera® Impulse allows it to be used as a static or dynamic surface. This also means that in the event of a power failure when the pump is in use, the user is supported by a high risk foam lying surface.

Versatile and Effective

I highly recommend the Impulse Hybrid Mattress due to the fact it is not limited with its use. In our care home we are able to use the mattress on it's own and you don't have to use the pump if you don't need to. The ever changing needs of residents mean we can use the pump for residents who are severely at risk, and the mattress on its own is effective at preventing sores for other at risk residents. It's had a positive impact on our residents wellbeing as they are no longer telling us they are in pain and discomfort.

Caroline | Care Giver

Great Solution

This mattress is great for providing effective pressure relief for the very high risk patients. The pump is simple to use and easy to install, changing the airflow of the mattress is straight forward and works well. The mattress is a great solution for preventing pressure relief and it can be altered depending on the user's needs and severity of risk to pressure sores. Overall both the team and patients are happy with the Impulse Hybrid Mattress.

Harrison | Care Giver

Specification & Details for the Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress

Pressure Prevention Risk CategoryVery High Risk
Maximum User Weight250kg39¼st
- 90cm/3ft Single
- 105cm/3ft6 Wide Single
- 120cm/4ft Small Double


- Static Mode
- Dynamic Mode (Cells Inflated)


Mattress Weight
- 90cm/3ft Single
- 105cm/3ft6 Wide Single
- 120cm/4ft Small Double


Crib Rating (BS7177:2008)Crib 5 (Ignition Source 5)
Auto Weighing TechnologyYes
Airflow/Comfort AdjustmentYes
Alternating Pressure TherapyYes
Multi-Stretch Cover with White SubstrateYes
Vapour-Permeable CoverYes
Audit Box Printed on CoverYes
Chlorine Resistance1000ppm
Seam TypeSewn
ZippedFour Sides with Fluid Ingress Flaps
Foam TypeCastellated SB33/160 CMHR
5 Years Mattress, 2 Years Pump

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