The Top Reasons Why Hospital Beds are Necessary for Patient Recovery

The Top Reasons Why Hospital Beds are Necessary for Patient Recovery


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Every detail matters when ensuring a smooth recovery process, and one of the main elements is the hospital bed. In this article we uncover how hospital beds help with recovery and explore their key features which contribute to patient well-being.

From comfort-enhancing designs to practical functionalities that assist carers, hospital beds are a key driver that contribute to effective healing.

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How Hospital Beds Help Recovery Following Surgery

Getting a good night’s sleep after surgery is crucial when it comes to recovery. However, this can be difficult to achieve, especially for complex or major surgery. Hospital beds are designed to enhance patient comfort, safety and overall healing process.

Following a surgical procedure, a patient's body needs adequate rest and support for recovery. Hospital beds are ergonomically designed to accommodate various patient needs, allowing for easy adjustments to find the most comfortable position. By doing so it provides a range of benefits which include:

Additionally, hospital beds often come equipped with features like adjustable head and foot positions, which can help alleviate discomfort and promote better breathing.

After care is a vital part of patient recovery, and hospital beds make it easier to facilitate care. For instance, the elevating back rest helps administer medication or when eating/drinking from the bed.

Meanwhile, hospital beds with height adjustment allow the whole bed to be raised and lowered. This makes it easier and more comfortable for the user to access the bed after surgery. However, it also helps deliver care on the bed and reduces back strain for the caregiver.

a care giver helping someone on a hospital bed

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Fall Preventions Following Surgery

Hospital beds, also known as profiling beds, are an effective way to help prevent falls and ensure patient safety – especially after surgery when mobility and stability may be compromised.

Hospital beds have features designed to minimise the risk of falls and provide a safe sleeping environment. These are:

Height adjustment: One key feature of a hospital bed is the height adjustment. Unlike a regular bed, hospital beds can be raised and lowered. By setting the bed height exactly where you want it, it makes it much easier for patients to get in and out of bed with minimal effort. This reduces the risk of stumbling or falling during transfers.

Low hospital beds: Some hospital beds have an ultra-low floor height where the whole bed lowers down to almost ground level. In doing so, this reduces the risk of injury should a fall occur from the bed.

a ultra low bed with a lady sat on the side

Side rails: Side rails on hospital beds serve as important safety features that contribute to falls prevention, particularly for patients who may be at a higher risk of falling or have limited mobility, such as after surgery. These rails are designed to provide a physical barrier on the sides of the bed and can also act as a grab rail for extra support and assistance.

Hospital Beds Help Recovery by Allowing Patients to Stay at Home

Another way hospital beds help with recovery is by allowing patients to stay at home. However, there are an estimated 13,000 people occupying hospital beds in England who are fit to be discharged. This is due to the limited equipment, like hospital beds being readily available for home use.

For those purchasing their own hospital bed often means a quicker discharge and recovery at home can begin.

Here's how these beds facilitate recovery at home:

Medical Support: Home hospital beds are designed to provide the same level of medical support as those found in hospital rooms. They have a range of adjustable positions like the elevating back and leg rest which aid in managing pain, swelling, and breathing difficulties after surgery.

Personalised Comfort: Patients recovering from surgery have varying comfort needs. Having a hospital bed at home allow patients to adjust the bed's position to find the most comfortable angle for sleeping, sitting up, or getting in and out of bed, all of which are crucial for a successful recovery.

Emotional Well-being: Recovering at home in a familiar environment can positively impact a patient's emotional well-being. Being surrounded by loved ones and familiar surroundings can contribute to a faster recovery in some cases.

an elderly lady with her grand daughter

Rehabilitation: Home hospital beds are not just for immediate recovery; they also support ongoing rehabilitation efforts. Patients can engage in exercises and physical therapy while benefiting from the comfort and safety of the bed.

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The Right Surface for In-Bed Mobility

Hospital beds are meticulously designed to provide the optimal surface for in-bed mobility, which is essential in the post-surgery recovery process. Their design allows for ensuing patient comfort, safety and ease of movement within the confines of the bed.

A couple of reasons why the right surface for in-bed mobility is crucial for recovery after surgery are:

Reduced Strain and Discomfort: After surgery, it’s likely that the user will experience pain and limited mobility. The range of adjustment features on a hospital bed allow for patients to find their preferred position. Sleeping in an elevated position can also help reduce swelling and strain on the muscles which can aid in recovery.

a lady laying in a profiling bed with the back rest raised

Enhanced Circulation: Adjustable positions and the ability to change body orientation in a hospital bed contribute to improved blood circulation. This is crucial for preventing blood clots, swelling, and other circulation-related complications that can arise after surgery.

Independence and Dignity: In-bed mobility allows users to adjust their position, making it easier to sit up, reposition themselves, and even get in and out of bed with minimal assistance. This gives them more independence and enhances their dignity and control over their recovery.

Help Patients Sleep Comfortably

Adequate and restful sleep after surgery lets the body heal and regain strength after surgery. Hospital beds are an effective resource in helping patients recover at home and sleep comfortably.

Here's how hospital beds facilitate comfortable sleep and contribute to patient recovery:

Pressure Redistribution: Hospital beds are useful when it comes to pressure redistribution as they allow you to change positions easily. They are also compatible with pressure care mattresses which distribute the body weight evenly, reducing pressure build up and preventing pressure sore development. This makes for a more comfortable and well supported sleep.

Reduced Sleep Disruptions: Hospital beds with adjustable features can minimise disruptions during the night. Patients can adjust the bed to reduce discomfort, change positions without assistance, and better manage pain, resulting in fewer interruptions to their sleep.

Meanwhile, if you share a bed with someone, dual hospital beds are a great solution where recovery from home can take place – without needing to sleep in a separate bed from your spouse or partner.

a couple in a hospital bed

Learn more here about the benefits of a dual hospital beds.

Range of sleeping and sitting positions: Hospital beds provide a variety of adjusted positions to suit the user’s requirements and comfort preferences. By easily adjusting the bed’s position, it allows for less time trying to get comfortable to promotes better sleep quality.

If you’re unsure which hospital bed is right for you or your loved one, why not try our online bed selector tool for instant bed recommendations.

Relieves Caregiver Stress

As well as being beneficial for patient recovery, hospital beds play a significant role in relieving caregiver stress.

Providing care to a recovering patient can be demanding, both physically and emotionally. Hospital beds are designed to ease the caregiving process, allowing caregivers to provide better support to their loved ones while maintaining their own well-being.

a lady stress free

Here's how hospital beds alleviate caregiver stress, ultimately aiding patient recovery at home:

Assisted Mobility: Hospital beds with adjustable heights and positions make it easier for caregivers to assist patients in and out of bed. In doing so, it helps reduce the physical strain on carers, making transfers safer and more manageable.

Peace of mind: Hospital beds can provide better peace of mind their patient is well supported and in a safe sleeping environment. Hospital beds with side rails, or low profiling beds helps caregivers feel more at ease knowing that their loved ones are less likely to fall or experience accidents while in bed.

Better Emotional Well-being: Reduced physical strain and stress can lead to improved emotional well-being for caregivers. When caregivers are less stressed, they are better equipped to provide the positive emotional support that aids patient recovery.

As providers of hospital beds for the home, we have a wealth of experience supporting carers and family members when choosing a hospital bed for their loved one.

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Hospital beds help with recovery as they provide adjustable features, enhanced comfort and provide a safe sleeping environment. Offering a range of customisable positions, hospital beds help to reduce discomfort, alleviate pain and enhance circulation. All of which help promote better sleep and rest and support emotional well-being.  

These beds also aid in in-bed mobility, allowing patients to adjust their position, perform physiotherapy and exercises, and transition in and out of bed with ease. And finally, hospital beds relieve caregiver stress by streamlining caregiving tasks, whilst ensuring comfort and safety for the user.

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