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Buying Guide: Opera® Pressure Care Mattresses

Read Time: 7 minutes

In this pressure mattress guide we'll introduce you to the different grades of pressure ulcers and learn about the different types of pressure care mattress and how they apply to different patient needs and risk levels

Buying Guide: Adjustable Comfort Beds

Read Time: 5 minutes

In this guide, we look at the Opera range of electric adjustable beds and make you aware of the key considerations to bear in mind when choosing and purchasing a bed for yourself or a loved one.

Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg Explained

Read Time: 3 minutes

The Trendelenburg position was created by a surgeon in to improve access to the pelvic area during surgery. Around 140 years later the Trendelenburg position is still used today, and is a common feature in hospital beds.

Installation Guide: Opera® Profiling Beds

Read Time: 3 minutes

Opera® profiling beds have been designed to ensure installation in care homes and private homes is as simple as possible. Check out this Installation Guide for a simple, step by step guide to installing an Opera Profiling Bed.
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