The Bed Helping Care Homes to Accommodate Residents with Huntington's Disease

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Huntington’s Disease is a degenerative neurological condition which causes damage to the brain, eventually resulting in death. The average life expectancy after diagnosis is around 20 years, but this does vary from case to case.

As a result of the condition, people living with Huntington’s face a host of obstacles while they try to continue with their normal day to day lives. One of the most commonly faced problems is with sleeping, with up to 90% of patients reporting sleep problems (Herzog–Krzywoszanska and Krzywoszanski, 2019).

Huntington’s disease causes movement, cognitive and psychiatric disorders which can impact on the person’s ability to fall and stay asleep. Certain disorders, such as Chorea and twitching, mean the body goes through a lot of movement during the day. Excessive movement can result in over fatigue, aching and cramping muscles which can be distressing for an individual.

In certain cases, involuntary movements and twitches can become violent, causing risks of impact injuries from the limbs striking hard surfaces. This is particularly prevalent when sleeping, so it’s important to consider the sleeping environment and make adaptations where necessary. Learn more about Huntington's Disease in our Health Conditions guide.

The Opera Huntington’s Bed package has been designed to improve the quality of sleep of Huntington’s patients, whilst limiting the risk of injury from impacts and falls. Designed with a padded cocoon surround which covers the hard surfaces of the bed, the user is secured in a safe yet spacious environment to sleep in.

The cocoon can be easily attached and detached for cleaning purposes or if the bed is to be used by a resident without Huntington’s.

The bed also has full profiling functionality along with an extensive height range adjustment, making it suitable for both nursing and assisting with getting in and out of bed.

If you care for residents with Huntington’s disease, the Opera Huntington’s Bed is a proven, flexible and cost-effective tool that enables you to provide the highest levels of care to your most critical residents.

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Herzog–Krzywoszanska, R. and Krzywoszanski, L. (2019). Sleep Disorders in Huntington’s Disease.

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