How much weight can a Bariatric bed hold?

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Bariatric beds can usually hold up to 47 stone (300 kilograms). As Bariatric beds are designed to support larger users, they’re also wider than a typical bed, usually at least 4 foot wide.

Bariatric beds are quite simply larger, more robust care beds that are designed for larger, heavier users. These beds are needed when a bariatric individual requires the functionality of an adjustable bed, which could be for nursing care, assistance getting on and off the bed, tilting (Trendelenburg) functionality or for many other reasons.

They’re often found in hospitals, care homes and hospices but they are also available for the home.

They’re often found in hospitals, care homes and hospices but they are also available for the home.

Bariatric bed safe loading weight is 47 stone
Opera Signature Bariatric Bed

Where can I get a Bariatric bed?

Bariatric beds can be ordered and delivered like any other bed. The Opera Care Bariatric Bed can be delivered and installed within 2-3 days.

Are Bariatric beds height adjustable?

If you require height adjustment, then it’s important to check with the bed manufacturer. The Opera Care Bariatric Bed has a height adjustment range of 245mm – 730mm, which reduces the risk of fall injury as well as facilitating care on the bed.

What mattresses can be used on a Bariatric bed?

In theory, any mattress that fits the dimensions of a Bariatric bed will fit. However, mattress selection will depend on any health conditions the user has as well as personal preference.  For example, a pressure care mattress is recommended for users with or at risk of developing pressure sores.

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How does a pressure care mattress work?

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Pressure care mattresses work to reduce the pressure between the user’s skin and the mattress surface whilst laying or sitting up in bed. Their purpose is to prevent and even heal the occurrence of pressure ulcers, a highly painful injury caused by spending extended periods in bed.

Can my bed cause lower back pain?

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Yes, the bed you sleep on can be causing you lower back pain. On average we spend 8 hours a day in our beds. That's 56 hours a week. A third of our lives.

What size is a bariatric bed?

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Bariatric beds are designed for larger, heavier users, so are generally bigger than a typical bed. A typical single bed is usually 3ft/90cm wide whereas a bariatric bed is usually 4ft/120cm wide, giving more space for the larger individual.