Living at Home

Helpful advice, guidance and interesting stories around living and providing care at home. You'll also find tips on improving the home environment for individuals with disabilities and mobility restrictions.

Do You Need Help Getting Out of Bed?

Read Time: 3 minutes

#Tips for Independence at Home

As we get older, we start to face more and more challenges throughout our daily lives. Once simple tasks such as getting ourselves out of bed in the morning can be a cause of struggle and frustration. But there are some solutions that could help improve your independence and quality of life.

6 online disability forums you should visit

Read Time: 4 minutes

#Tips for Independence at Home
When browsing the web for information relating to care, disabilities and illnesses, finding the result you want is much like ‘hunting the thimble’. With the sheer volume of information to hand, and all of the different types of resources available...
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